Integrity. Trust. Local.


To support organizations by providing compliance based human resource solutions through effective communication, understanding and partnerships.

The Story

Growing up in a town comprised primarily of small businesses, I have seen the profound positive effect of small businesses on communities and the economy.  They have built communities and have filled a need large organizations cannot. Most importantly, the trust developed between a company and customer is unsurpassed. I wanted to create a company that supports these endeavors through compliance, employee relations and ethical business conduct, so people's dreams can continue while meeting regulations with practical Human Resource foundational support at an affordable cost. I am devoted & passionate about small businesses, providing a personalized client experience. I enjoy presenting to large companies as well as small business groups on a variety of topics.

Located in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis, partnering with small businesses across the Twin Cities metro, Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest region.

-Becky Judd, President